Holistic Psychotherapy

Everything you need to know about healing your emotional wounds is within you.  An experienced guide can help you reach your true potential with greater efficiency and ease.  The essence of Bridget’s approach to psychotherapy is to help you to discover the resources available to you to facilitate relief from depression, anxiety, despair, fear, and relationship problems.

“My work with Bridget helped me to learn to process and appropriately integrate past and current life experiences.  I was at last able to emerge from a deep clinical depression and anxiety disorder.  I feel better equipped to handle life’s situations while remaining true to myself. We used a combination of traditional cognitive therapy and alternative therapies to achieve a state of mental and emotional wellness that has carried me forward for many years now.” -Tania



“Counseling is not always comfortable, but you know you’re with a good counselor when you develop more and more skills to heal yourself as time goes on.  You become able to recognize your own patterns and to feel and interpret your own emotions.” – Ellen Bass and Laura Davis, The Courage to Heal


Psychotherapy for:

Stress Management
Life Transitions
Women’s Issues
Healing Childhood Wounds
Coping with Chronic Illness & Pain
Single Parent Issues
Low Self-Esteem
Marital Problems
Healthy Communication & Conflict Resolution
Parents with ADHD Children
Relationship Issues

Solution Focused Treatment:

Self-relations Psychotherapy
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing)
Integrative Yoga Therapy/Instruction
Mind-Body-Spirit Connection
Guided Imagery
Energy Psychology
Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Acupressure and Energy Healing

Working Together

What do you long for in your life?  A better relationship with your family and friends?  Relief from pain?  Bridget can help you take the steps toward positive meaningful change.  Bridget’s approach is a confidential, co-creative effort to help you move on to a new direction in life.  Together you will determine what areas of your life to focus on and how long therapy should last.

Sessions are generally fifty minutes.  Longer sessions may be scheduled depending on your individual needs.   Bridget is committed to providing affordable counseling services and therefore offers a sliding fee scale.  Insurance can be filed.  You’ll benefit from her experience and sensitivity.  The sooner you begin, the sooner you’ll be able to move forward with your life.

Contact Bridget to schedule an appointment.

“Bridget offered counsel to me with an attitude of non-judgement, patience, and compassion.  Throughout the time we spent together, I felt safe and that she truly cared for my well being.” – Dianne