Woman’s Yoga

“Give yourself a gift. Spend the day with Bridget in her course, Awakening the Embodied Feminine. There isn’t a better way to self discovery. The teachings and techniques in this course awaken your energy, restore your vitality, and bring clarity to your daily life. This retreat in a beautiful setting open the connections within your body and with a network of women.” -Jeri


“The Embodied Feminine workshop was a wonderfully empowering opportunity to learn techniques that keep me grounded and healthy and really in tune with my body and how it responds to stimulation from day to day living and the sometimes stressful situation when I use them. Bridget Simmerman is quite knowledgeable in many areas that help to create this resonance with the mind, body and spirit and she is very good at imparting this wisdom to others in a safe and loving environment.” -Jen


“I recommend this highly to all women learning to be fully in their bodies. A cleansing, awakening experience. Thank you, Bridget.”  -Liz