Holistic Psychotherapy

Holistic refers to a philosophy of looking at individuals as whole beings, not just a collection of unrelated symptoms.  It implies an approach towards care that emphasizes individual empowerment.  Each person and the problems they present are viewed from their own life experience and perspective as well as from the knowledge base of the practitioner.  The therapist’s expertise and skills are oriented towards helping the client activate and utilize their particular strengths and resources to facilitate desired change and healing.  Cultivating a mind-body connection is a major component of any holistic approach.  Many of the therapeutic techniques Bridget is skilled in are oriented toward facilitating and teaching how to cultivate the mind-body-spirit connection.

Cultivating a mind-body-spirit connection will help in more fully accessing all of your resources in order to work more effectively with life’s difficulties.

“I always felt that Bridget’s grounded and balanced presence were the foundation from which she worked as my therapist.  At a time when I was very unsure of myself, Bridget helped me discover a new way of being; she introduced me to new and healthy ways to relate to myself as a young adult and as a woman.  She taught me a new vocabulary (one of mindfulness and empowerment) and introduced me to meditation and yoga as a coping mechanism for anxiety.  I still use the ‘life tools’ that I gained from our time together and I will always be grateful for her therapeutic style and the discoveries about myself that she helped me reveal.”  – Kari