Psychotherapy Testimonials

“I always felt that Bridget’s grounded and balanced presence were the foundation from which she worked as my therapist.  At a time when I was very unsure of myself, Bridget helped me discover a new way of being; she introduced me to new and healthy ways to relate to myself as a young adult and as a woman.  She taught me a new vocabulary (one of mindfulness and empowerment) and introduced me to meditation and yoga as a coping mechanism for anxiety.  I still use the ‘life tools’ that I gained from our time together and I will always be grateful for her therapeutic style and the discoveries about myself that she helped me reveal.” – Kari

“Before meeting Bridget, I was skeptical that an ‘eastern’ type of therapy would be helpful. I didn’t want some fanciful hippy telling me how I should change my life to be more like them. Bridget is definitely not that hippy. She is a down-to-earth, realistic, and legitimately insightful person who put in a lot of effort to help me the individual. She always adapted our sessions based on my needs during the given day, and had the creativity and willingness to go the extra mile. You wouldn’t know it based on her calm and unassuming personality, but she is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and I often was impressed by her ability to provide detailed information at an exact right time. At heart she is an advocate for people, and even with her aforementioned qualities, her greatest strength was her tenacity towards my growth as a person. Prior to working with Bridget, I had been passively suicidal for over a decade. My time with her helped me to not only grow, but also allowed me to lay a foundation of self-appreciation and awareness that continues to make my life more enjoyable, productive, and meaningful. She’s the real deal.” – Steven

“Before I started working with Bridget Simmerman, I had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder for 58 years. I was hyper-vigilant, had an explosive temper and assessed the threat level of every man I encountered. Her skills and knowledge of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprogramming brought me complete relief from my trauma. Ms. Simmerman’s empathy, great listening skills and ability to ask the right question at the right time have helped me with several very significant life issues. Working with her has materially improved my quality of life. I recommend her highly and without any reservations.” – Chris W.

“I’ve been saying “thank you” to you after each session for a while. I say that because you have guided me to help myself beyond my wildest dreams. I say thank you for being patient and for making me angry when I needed to think about my part in situations. I say thank you for teaching mindfulness and for your encouragement when I struggled or just thought I couldn’t do it. I’ve learned how to heal, how to forgive myself for even the simple mistakes, how to set boundaries, and how to view life as an adventure, even when I’m challenged by uncomfortable situations.  Most importantly, I’ve learned how to trust myself and to be myself. It was a lot of work, but so worth it.” – M.D.

“I came to Bridget shortly after a big transition in my life. I was well aware of my needs but was searching for the support and guidance from the right source to help me free myself from the grip of anxiety and panic. Bridget’s professional and knowledgeable approach to our work was exactly what I was looking for in a safe and supportive environment. I also benefited from Bridget’s teaching of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). I carry these valuable lessons of mediation and yoga with me and tap into my inner calm whenever I need to because now I know that it is always there. Through the course of my time with Bridget I gained a holistic and natural approach to management and eventually freedom from my anxiety.” – Lynn

“I walked out of two decades of traditional, ineffective medical-model therapy into Bridget’s compassionate and skilled care.   She met my fears and woundedness with gentle understanding and used her expertise to empower and strengthen me   I am in short, a more whole, more wholesome, and more healthy person that I ever imagined possible.” – Ellen

“Bridget’s approach to healing digs deeper than just talking about symptoms.  Bridget challenged me to look at the core of who I am and helped me to heal from the inside out.  Bridget encouraged me to, and gave me a safe place to learn how to advocate for myself.  The time I spent with Bridget was difficult; I had to face things I would have run away from previously, but yielded amazing results. Because of my time with Bridget my life has completely changed. I am ever grateful for her warmth and caring as I found “me” again.” – Amy

“Working with Bridget Simmerman both one to one and in a group has offered me new ways to observe and relate to myself which has greatly enhanced the way I relate to others. As a result of this work I continue to grow in Spirit and experience the world in a more undefended way. Bridget has been very instrumental in helping me connect with the Divine Feminine. As a result I am willing to operate from a more vulnerable and “open hearted” place which I find very gratifying. I have been truly blessed by the wisdom and kindness shown to me by Bridget through her teachings and counsel!” – Trish

“Bridget Simmerman and the Center for Creative Change have provided me a practical path to enhance my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I am a very practical person and I was pleased with immediate results. Bridget used techniques that opened my head and my heart. Without reservation I recommend her practice and her educational offerings.” – Jeri

“Bridget is an experienced and talented psychotherapist. She listens deeply, aims to really understand, and is frank with her impressions and reflections. She creates a space to feel safe, nurtured, and empowered. This encourages exploration of deep issues that underlie current experience. Bridget incorporates somatic (body) and mindfulness oriented psychotherapy as well as helping move energy for healing. I highly recommend her as a therapist.” – Laura

“I met Bridget when I was seeking help for managing stress. Bridget taught me invaluable skills to use in everyday life that have profoundly improved my life. Bridget is compassionate, patient, and full of wisdom, which she generously teaches to her clients.” – Cecile

“Going to Bridget for therapy was an answered prayer. I had a lot of pain in my life that was affecting my relationships negatively, and I wanted to stop feeling powerless and out of control. I needed help from someone that not only could help me sort out my problems, but could also empower me with a rich assortment of tools that I could use myself. Now when I get triggered or need to find calm in my life I have the wisdom that she has shared with me to not just deal with the triggers, but to look deeper at the root causes of them. Bridget also took into account my creative background as a painter and helped me to incorporate my artwork into my therapy sessions and at home. Her hands on healing techniques helped to bring calm and peace following tough sessions that brought up a lot for me. I always left her office feeling that I had made progress toward my healing goals and a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing. Working with Bridget also helped me to close a huge gap emotionally between me and my father that I never thought was possible. I went from having almost no relationship with him to spending time with him in a more open and loving way. I am so grateful for this healing. It has changed my life in countless positive ways. I have a voice that I didn’t know I had and the ability to make better choices for myself emotionally without any guilt or negativity attached to those choices.” – Jen

“After years of seeing various therapists, taking several medications, and even being hospitalized for mental health issues, Bridget was a breath of fresh air. She was able to offer a personalized therapy plan which helped me to overcome issues that had been plaguing me for a lifetime. I was initially a bit skeptical of some of Bridget’s more holistic and alternative practices, but her warm demeanor and my comfort level in talking with her allowed me to be more open minded to her suggestions. Our sessions consisted of talk therapy, energy work, and EMDR (which was the most significant and impactful portion of our therapy, it was a miracle worker for me). I also attended some of Bridget’s group therapy sessions and upon her suggestion began practicing yoga on a regular basis. The combination of these practices helped me to work through past experiences, improved my ability to live in the present, and gave me hope for the future. Our work together came to an end, both because she helped me overcome the issues I was having, but also because I moved out of the area. I could not possibly recommend her more, and to this day I hold her in the highest regard and credit her for getting me through a very dark time in my life.” – Katie