Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Testimonials

“This workshop was nothing short of transformative for me. I had read John Cabot Zinn’s work as well as the work of others in the field. From this I knew “about” mindfulness but did “know” meditation. This workshop gave me the direct experience of meditation in a safe environment guided by a person with deep personal experience with meditation. From the workshop, I have developed a regular practice that is an integral part of my daily life. I notice that I am far less triggered by life events that formerly caused frustration or anxiety. At my most recent physical I was surprised to see that I had normal blood pressure for the first time in a long while. In general I am more satisfied with my life as I find it. The workshop is a challenging experience requiring a level of commitment but it is well worth the effort.” – Chris

“I am paying attention!  I am breathing.   I am listening to my heart and with my heart to others.   I am not rushing.   I am not beating myself up – or if I do I catch myself and start over.  I am sometimes silent.  I am curious and excited about what will happen each day in small ways.  I am much less anxious, making contact with true self, experiencing joy.” – Ann M., MBSR Participant

“I can’t tell you what a beautiful life-changing experience the workshop was for me. It has opened my eyes to so many new possibilities and allowed me to heal in ways I didn’t think possible. I’m so excited to take what I have learned and continue to allow myself to grow. Words cannot express how excited I am to see this new path unfold before me in my future education and social work. Thank you so much for being a part of this amazing transition in my life, as well as providing me with such excellent resources.” – Katie L., MBSR Participant

“Bridget’s a holistic approach in guiding participants through the MBSR program allowed me to genuinely experience and appreciate the tremendous benefits of regular meditation and body awareness.  As we approached each new MBSR practice, she shared her own learning process–both the challenges and successes–which impressed upon me the value that she has experienced from regular practice.  Her fervent hope that we, too, with regular practice could achieve similar benefits was and remains a great motivator.  I am very thankful that I took the time to participate in the MBSR program as it has allowed me to bring my life’s goals into far greater clarity, which in turn has supported me in making some tough decisions with significantly less angst.”  – Barbara, MBSR Participant

“Participating in MBSR was life changing.  As someone who has been raised to appreciate science, I was skeptical that this “new age” approach to stress relief would be beneficial.  Learning to quiet my mind, to sit still, to move slowly, and to be mindful of things surrounding me has had a profound effect on how I deal with stress now.  I did not know what to expect from the class.  What I found was a challenging and completely different way of looking at healing from Western practices.   The skills I learned in this class apply to every aspect of life and can help in any situation I encounter.” – Amy

“I’ve taken many stress reduction classes and been a long-time believer in yoga, but the MBSR series gave me tools that have significantly reduced my stress levels. In addition to helping me reduce stress at critical moments, it has helped me to experience my world in ways that keep me grounded and in-touch with a source of inner calm.” – Tiffany, MBSR Participant

“I first started working with Bridget when I was experiencing stress, insomnia, and physical discomfort. I took her course in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. The course provided me with practical tools and strategies to transform my health and increase my enjoyment of life. I received immediate results and am able to practice the techniques daily and as needed. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to be able to better navigate life’s pressures.” – Jeri